sexta-feira, 2 de março de 2007

Há músicas que vale a pena ouvir...

The last song I'm wasting on you

Sparkling Gray,
Then my own veins

Any more than a whisper
Any sudden movement of my heart
And I know, I know I'll have to watch them pass away

Just get through this day

Give up your way, you could be anything,
Give up my way, and lose myself, not today
That's too much guilt to pay

Sickened in the sun
You dare tell me you love me
But you held me down and screamed you wanted me to die
Honey you know, you know I'd never hurt you that way.

You're just so pretty in your pain.

Give up my way, and I could be anything
I'll make my own way
Without your senseless hate...

So run, run, run
And hate me, if it feels good
I can't hear your screams anymore

You lied to me
But I'm older now
And I'm not buying baby

Demanding my response
Don't bother breaking the door down
I found my way out

And you'll never hurt me again.

Obrigadooo B. =)

2 comentários:

Ana Ferreira disse...

aiiii febrona! té me arrepiei!

esta gaja tem a voz mais linda...

e curti a letra ;)


By: A grande Minime! [k]

Tsubasa Ozora disse...

esta mulher é algo de fabuloso! voz e por aí fora :P
a musica é linda, vem no single do Lithium e o divulgador fui eu. eheh.
fizest bem em pôr aqi R!

bjinho grd